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Description of a Memory

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Dan Geva is by far the most underrated director in Israel. A professor at University of Tel Aviv and Camera Obscura, Dan has directed over 14 films that have been well recieved at documentary festivals all over the world. His latest film “Description of a Memory” is by far his most interesting.

In 1960 famous documentarist Chris Marker visited Israel and made a documentary called “Description of a Conflict” or in Hebrew “Tzad Shlishi Shel Hamatbeah” (The third side of the coin” The thesis of the film was that Israel was a young beautiful country but it will never achieve it’s goals because of a serious identity crisis and a neglect of a significant minority”.

Over 40 years later, Dan Geva took 14 scenes from the film and created a sort of dialouge with them. For example, in Chris Marker’s film he depicts Eliat as “a desolate sign of Israel’s strengh” using images of empty beaches and soldiers on swings putting on Teffilin. Dan Geva took this scene and put it on a projector at a packed carnival in Eilat. None of the people who walked by the image recognized that the place in the film was the same city they lived in.

In other instances he tried to find the people in Chris Marker’s documentary and find out the type of people they became.

The entire documentary was filmed with a “fish lens”, which requires the camera man to be inches away from the object he is shooting at all times.

There were other interesting scenes including a shot weaving through the Ben Yehudah market during the siren on rememberance day…..]

Dan Geva is truly a great director, if you want to know how to get a hold of some of his other films I can point you in the right direction.

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Written by etziongever

February 16, 2009 at 12:21 am

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