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Ilan the Security Guard

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This short film is about Ilan, a lonely biology student who decides to become a security guard, because he feels that security guards are the only appreciated and interactive people in the city of Jerusalem.

Dan Geva, (see Dan Geva below), says that the difficultly with making a film about Jerusalem is that every inch of the city has been photographed, filmed, recorded, memorized etc….

I can tell that this film is trying to deal with this issue, trying to make a unique film about an issue that has been filmed about to no extent. Unfortunately I don’t think it brings that much new material to the table.

Jerusalem is not a place that is lonely or empty or “crash-eque”….

yes.. the tension is often high…and it sometimes feels like you are watching cars go by on a subway platform….but I don’t know many people that get these sort of existential feelings that Ilan gets…..

This film is interesting in the context of the end of 2005, when the intifadah was really dying out….when security and terrorism started to mean different things…


Written by etziongever

February 16, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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